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Tahoe boat rental

Tahoe boat rental

Lake Tahoe Boat Rentals

If you are planning to visit Reno anytime soon, you'll surely want to know more about Lake Tahoe boat rentals The freshwater lake offers a range of entertaining activities, and a boat rental can provide the best way to see the magnificent vistas on and around the lake.

A Little About Lake Tahoe

Boat rentals are popular all around this 2 million-year-old lake that sits in the Sierra Nevada region of the American West. As the largest alpine lake on the North American continent, Lake Tahoe and her bright blue waters provide some amusing opportunities for sightseeing, exploring, and having an all-around good time.

In the beginning, the lake we now know as Tahoe was borne between two major global ice ages. Roughly two million years old, this lovely lake that straddles the state line between California and Nevada happens to be the second-deepest lake in the entire United States. Nearby Reno, Nevada is home to a state university that houses many students who choose Lake Tahoe boat rentals when they have some time off from classes. The wilderness area that surrounds the lake is comprised mostly of protected national forest land. If you'd like to explore the remarkable coastline of this ancient watershed on your own or with a skipper, a Tahoe boat rental is your very best bet.

A total of 63 tributaries bring fresh water into Lake Tahoe. These rivers provide around half the water volume found in Lake Tahoe. The rest of the lake's water is sourced from melted snow runoff. The only outlet of this recreational lake is via the Truckee River on the northeast shore of the lake. Waters that flow out of Tahoe via the Truckee are deposited into Pyramid Lake.

Best Ways to See Lake Tahoe

Boat rentals are a very lovely sight-seeing option you'll want to consider with your Tahoe boat rental. Sure, an open water guided lake tour can be a lot of fun, but if you're going to get to know Lake Tahoe on your terms and timing, a well-maintained, pristine rental boat with USCG-approved safety gear could be right for you. If you're in the mood to live large, go ahead and upgrade your boat rental on Tahoe to VIP status. Of course, hiring a boat with an affable, licensed captain can be a great way to go, as well.

Schedule your Tahoe boat rental early

During busy seasons, renting a boat with which to tour Lake Tahoe may not be exactly easy. That's one reason you should reserve your boat or boat and skipper right now. You may also wish to consider leasing one or more water toys along with your watercraft rental. Wakeboards, two-person tubes and water skis are always fun rental options.

When you're ready to reserve your Lake Tahoe boat rental, give us a call at (775)400-6677. We are SWA Water Sports, and we're all about providing the best boat and water toy rentals in Tahoe.

Tahoe boat rental
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